Wednesday, June 13, 2012

McCall's 3830

I bought this delightful blue wool Oscar de la Renta fabric from EOS - my first order from them, and probably the only on-line retailer I will consider in the future (too many times burned elsewhere, and their wonderfully accurate descriptions are well worth the price). Sadly I was the last one to get any, so I was left with a scant 2/3 yard of 50" fabric. There went my waist-band. I looked low and high for a simple pencil skirt with a vent back and a lining and no waistband - no such thing exists. I ended up with this one since I was at Joanne's during a McCall's sale. It is an adequate pencil skirt with a vent back, no lining. I cut a size 10. I graded in 1/2 inch on each side to the hem, since the skirt is more straight than pencil-like, despite the pattern drawings. I took an extra 1/4" in each dart on the back. I added a lining and used the quick lining method from Threads Magazine here. I attempted to use the vent lining tutorial here with some success.

I used the pattern a second time to make a skirt from some fabric I got in China - it was reported to be 100% wool, but according to my iron this is not true. Oh-well. It's still a fun fabric, and was pretty cheap regardless.

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